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Wine is a living and changing part of our history. It connects the past, today and the future, and it builds a bridge between different eras. Wine is also a piece of art in which soil, climate, and the skills of a winemaker combine uniquely into an excellent taste experience. But, above all, wine is a passion. It is an essential part of the present pleasure and leaves a permanent mark on our future.

At Wineworld Finland, we develop the future of wine. Our selection already consists of the Red Wine of the Year 2021 and the Champagne of the Year 2022, but our focus is already ahead of this. Will your wine be next year's winner?

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Finns are thirsty for even higher-quality wines

The Finnish wine market is full of exciting opportunities. Wine as a hobby has increased, so wine culture has developed significantly. An increasing number of Finns appreciate high-quality wines and are prepared to invest in their purchase. Wines are no longer merely celebratory beverages; they are enjoyed and appreciated in everyday life. The number of wine bars and restaurants has increased, and they offer high-quality wines for different taste experiences. In Finland, people are responsive to global wine trends and desire to try different tastes and experiences.

We are familiar with the Finnish wine drinkers because we belong to them - curious, appreciative, passionate and willing to develop the wine culture. We are part of the Anora Group; therefore, we can enjoy top skills in many business areas, such as logistics, marketing, pricing and data analysis. Due to our collaboration, our producers’ wines are quickly available on the market all around Finland. And you can focus on your core skills: producing outstanding wines.

Sustainably produced wine creates a better future

Wine has been part of human history for several millennia. It has created significant cultural and social connections between people and continues to be an important part of many people’s lives. But especially due to its popularity, the production of wine must take place in a sustainable manner.

Sustainable production means careful consideration towards environmental protection and social conditions in which wine is produced. It implies that ecologically sustainable methods are used at vineyards, which protect the environment and keep it healthy for future generations. It also means that employees are offered fair working conditions that promote their well-being and quality of life.

However, the importance of sustainable production is not just limited to the environment and people - it also impacts the quality and taste of wine. A carefully cared-for grapevine produces a better taste experience. With Anora Group's support, we ensure our wines' sustainability, from picking grapes to packaging. It is a matter close to our hearts because by choosing a sustainable wine, we are also choosing a better future.

Wine is the result of its makers

We believe that a skilled and passionate team is one of the most important parts of winemaking and its import. A professional team ensures the unique and one-of-a-kind quality and taste of wine and that the wine finds its taster for whom it creates an unforgettable taste experience. In addition, each of our team members brings their unique views and skills to developing the future’s wine market.

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Wineworld team is eager to discuss about our portfolio, opportunities and co-operation at any time. Please contact us and let's see what the future of wine has to offer.
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From passion to amazing wine experiences

The best wine experiences are created together. And so are the best success stories. For our wine producers, work is not merely work: it is a passion. Therefore, it is our honour to be the trusted partner of our producers. And as with good wine, cooperation also matures over the years and becomes even more fruitful.

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The Artisans Behind Our Exceptional Wines


In the hotel, restaurant and catering sector, experiences are constantly created that experiencers wish to remember for the rest of their lives. The industry is also a significant part of Finns’ well-being and international success. For this reason, we are proud to say that we exist for the very purpose of the HoReCa professionals. At the core of our collaboration is understanding what you need to charm your customers and create a magical experience.

We believe that when the two of us combine our expertise, our customers can experience unforgettable moments with wines. Therefore, it is meaningful to jointly develop the industry and create noteworthy moments for the customers - now and in the future.