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Welcome to Wineworld Finland!

Wineworld Finland is an experienced operator in the Finnish alcoholic beverage market. The company is fairly new but its creators have been in the industry for a long time. Our small, independent and flexible operation is known for fast decision making and willingness to find solutions for success in this challenging market.

We are a part of the Anora, which is a leading wine and spirits brand house in the Nordic region and a global industry forerunner in sustainability. Anora was formed through a merger of two leading Nordic wine and spirits companies – Altia and Arcus – in September 2021.

The majority of the wines in our portfolio are listed in the assortment of the local monopoly, Alko and available to Finnish consumers. Furthermore, we are active also in the on trade and the local travel trade operators. We have a full market penetration through our skillful sales  team that caters both Alko shops as well as the restaurant trade.

We have both fresh eyes and great love for wines and our range covers wine for every winelover to be enjoyed. Regardless of the price range. We know the market and the Finnish consumer and constantly work to find new and exciting wines for them together with our partners.

Cooperation is a key word and one important key to success. Our first years of  operation shows extensive growth and we are on the track to be a leading wine importer in Finland. This demands a lot of work and passion.

Our partners in the wine world are often family businesses and small producers, but that is not a criterion. We strongly believe that big can also be beautiful. The balance and sensibility is what matters.



It is important for us that our wine producers care about the environment and understand the effects of their actions. Environmentally friendly cultivation and production methods are important for us.

Important things for us are how producers treat and care for their employees and how they think about the effects of their actions and activities on the environment. Caring, is a key word.

We are strongly committed to Alko’s suppliers as BSCI’s responsible purchasing business and related requirements and we expect our partners to be also

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions,

Nina Witikka,

Managing director, partner





Jani Riski

Nina Witikka